Putin's Health

Putin’s Health Update: No concerns, says Kremlin

There are two major views about Russia’s president: Is he a sick and feeble old man or the cunning leader of a corrupt regime? A recent photo of Putin in swim trunks has triggered new speculations about his health. But is it enough to confirm rumors about Putin’s health? Or is this just another disinformation campaign similar to those during the presidential elections in March 2012, September 2016, and March 2018? Whether you love him or hate him, Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly one of the most influential people on earth today. As the Russian president turns 65 on October 7, we take a moment to look at how his private life impacts his leadership and how his policies have affected Russia.

Why does Putin stay fit?

Putin is not only a sportsman but also takes care of his health. He does not smoke and does not drink alcohol. He pays attention to his diet and exercises regularly. Being fit makes him feel younger, look younger, look more attractive and helps him to stay in power for a long time. Being fit is also a political statement – it shows that he is healthy and energetic. He is not sick and he is not dying. Putin can do whatever he wants – he can play sports, go on trips, and do what he wants. He has control over his body and can do whatever he wants with it.

Putin’s health regime and healthy diet

To stay fit, Putin exercises regularly. He usually lifts weights to gain more muscles. He also sometimes goes swimming to keep his heart healthy and relax his mind. When he wants to eat healthier, he eats vegetarian food and fruits and drinks green tea. Putin avoids eating too much meat and dairy and favors beans, peas, and chickpeas, does not eat any sweets at all. He also does not drink much water because he likes tea better. He also does not eat too many carbs. Putin likes to fish and nuts. He drinks coffee sometimes, but only black coffee and no sugar in it. He likes to eat salads with olive oil and berries like strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries.

Putin’s Illness Rumours

Aging has long been a source of speculation when it comes to Putin. There have been rumors of a heart attack, stroke, and various illnesses. In 2008, a Japanese journalist claimed to have seen documents indicating that Putin had suffered a stroke and was receiving treatment for a spinal injury. The Kremlin denied these claims, but they became widely accepted. Rumors of ill health resurfaced in 2016 when a few people claimed that they heard Putin’s voice but didn’t see his face. In 2018, the rumors were revitalized when a Russian TV channel aired a documentary called “Putin’s Hidden Health Problem.” It claimed that Putin has a severe spinal injury and his doctors are trying to keep him alive with painkilling injections. A few days later, a German tabloid newspaper published a story claiming that Putin has pancreatic cancer and has only two years left to live.

Theories of Putin’s Health Conditions

The most common theories about Putin’s health conditions are spinal injury, heart disease, pancreatic cancer, and diabetes. –

Spinal injury: many believe that Putin might have sustained a spinal injury during his judo training in his youth. Although he avoided surgery, a serious injury to his lumbar spine could have long-term consequences and lead to degenerative changes. –

Heart disease: heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. Putin’s heavy smoking history and high blood pressure are risk factors for heart disease that may be monitored with regular blood tests. –

Pancreatic cancer: Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, and it is notoriously hard to diagnose early. Symptoms include weight loss and upper abdominal pain. Since pancreatic cancer often progresses quickly, it is possible that Putin has been diagnosed with the disease. –

Diabetes: Aside from his reported heavy drinking and smoking, Putin’s diet is high in sugar and carbohydrates.

In his youth, he was a judo champion and regularly engaged in extreme sports. These activities create a lot of wear and tear on the body and can increase the risk of injury.

Putin’s Health: Is Russia’s President Healthy Or Not?

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied claims that Putin has undergone medical treatment for any health problems. During the campaign, Putin publicly showed off an underwater fishing suit that covered his thinning hair. For someone who is supposed to have bad knees, Putin climbed a mountain and even spent time in the Siberian wilderness. He did not use a regular wheelchair but rather an old-fashioned, heavy wheelchair. These actions suggest that the Russian president may be very healthy.

But are they enough proof? There are several other ways to determine someone’s health. One of these is by analyzing patterns in behavior. Putin’s life has been highly scrutinized, but his private life is still a mystery. Although he is a very public figure, little is known about Putin’s personal life. This lack of knowledge creates speculation about his private life, which is why rumors about Putin’s health were created in the first place.

What is Putin’s current health status?

There are no public records of his medical checkups and his alleged records are kept secret. After the recent photo of Putin in swim trunks was published, the world has been discussing the Russian president’s health status again. But is this photo enough to indicate that Putin is sick? Or is this just another disinformation campaign similar to those during the presidential elections in March 2012, September 2016, and March 2018?

On 27th July 2022, he had mild nausea symptoms and was medically attended to. The Kremlin has dismissed any speculations regarding major health concerns and said everything is fine with the health of the Russian leader.

Some sources claim that Putin has undergone cosmetic surgery. This may explain why he decided to pose in swim trunks in a public setting. Other sources claim that he has a colostomy bag because of a knee injury he suffered while playing sports. When asked why they think Putin is sick, they say that he is old and that’s enough. Putin’s photo only reinforces the rumors that he has health problems.

Putin's Health
Putin’s Health rumors were ruled out in a recent photo in Swim Trunks

How Putin’s Health Might Affect His Rule

The fear that Putin is sick or dying is likely exaggerated. Russian politics is deeply corrupt, but a seriously ill president would be unlikely to outlast his rivals and sustain his hold over the country for two decades. The Kremlin also has a long history of silencing critics and selectively prosecuting political opponents. For example, the government prosecuted and punished Alexey Navalny, the most popular opponent of Putin, after his March 2018 arrest. All of this suggests that while the Russian president may be aging, the Kremlin’s rule is unlikely to change soon. The Kremlin has also demonstrated an ability to adapt to changing circumstances in the past. Although the Russian government is unlikely to allow anyone to challenge Putin’s rule, if Putin were to die, the Kremlin would have to name a successor.


A recent photo of Putin in swim trunks has triggered new speculations about his health. But is it enough to confirm rumors about Putin’s ill health? Or is this just another disinformation campaign similar to those during the presidential elections in March 2012, September 2016, and March 2018? We may never know the truth. What we do know is that the Kremlin has always been a place where people have been afraid to speak the truth. It remains to be seen whether Putin will be able to shake off the rumors surrounding his health and rule until his death.

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