13 signs of high emotional intelligence

13 signs of high emotional intelligence

Different Emotional ExpressionsBefore we get into 13 signs of high emotional intelligence, we need to know about emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence also known as EQ or Emotional Quotient is our ability to control our thoughts and feelings, it is also associated with, how we perceive, integrate, and respond to other person’s feelings and doings related to us. It is a pillar of our personality and is often labeled as maturity and mental growth. It determines how well we do in different circumstances which might suit us better and in times when we have a hard time dealing with our surroundings.

A person with High emotional intelligence is bound to be more compatible with different environments and tend to do well during hard times and get the best out of good times.

Are you emotionally intelligent? you can take this emotional intelligence test. You could ask people in your close circle or you can self-analyze by reading these 13 signs of high emotional intelligence.


here are 13 signs of high emotional intelligence, who knows what you might have in you?

1. Self Awareness

Self-awareness is a pillar of high emotional intelligence, you are emotionally very strong if you can analyze yourself, can point out yourself at points when you need to redirect yourself, and tell yourself your good doings or mishandling of your powers. A self-aware person knows his strength and weakness and that very much leads him to where he wants to be.

Self-analysis is ranked very high in terms of determining your emotional intelligence. if you can call yourself wrong or right based solely on facts and truth you are a mentally and emotionally very strong person.

2. Have Feelings

Emotionally intelligent people feel for others. They are very good at controlling their feelings and have a very good sense of, how the other person feels. this is very important if you could feel how the other person might be feeling or going through you would be able to cope with the situation better than what a normal person does.

3. Control over your thoughts and feelings

One of the vital signs from 13 signs of high emotional intelligence is how good you are at controlling your thoughts and feelings. if you could mold your emotions according to situations and have effective control over your feelings you are an emotionally strong person.

If one can direct himself out of emotionally damaging thoughts and have the ability to focus on what’s more important than what’s in the past, He/She is more likely to be emotionally strong.

4. Give yourself time

If you give yourself time when due you are more likely to be emotionally intelligent. Being calculative and thoughtful is emotionally better. if you give yourself a pause and time to process things you are more likely to end up with the right solutions.

5. Sympathetic

Being emotionally intelligent also demands you to be caring and sympathetic. you understand others’ feelings and understand what the other person is going through and act accordingly. Knowing how the other person feels is very important because that also determines your character and what you do to console and not hurt them more. An emotionally sympathetic person often is a pillar in a community on whom a community relies in hard times.

6. Praise Others

Keeping your differences and emotions in check and praising others for good doings is one of the 13 signs of high emotional intelligence. giving positive feedback is what differentiates a person with a strong mind from others. avoiding negativity and looking for positives is what an emotionally intelligent person would always do.

7. Control over speech

Do you have control over your speech? if Yes then you might be one of those who have high emotional intelligence.

like one very famous saying, “Think Before You Speak”, if you have control over your thoughts and speech you could be a person to look up to. Giving yourself pause over matters to think about will help you a lot and would make you a very strong person.

8. protect yourself

If you can protect yourself from negatives and you can take criticism you are one of those with emotional intelligence to like. emotionally intelligent people not only can take criticism but also protect themself from it. emotions help them prioritize what to ignore and what to respond to.

9. Curious about Surrounding

Curiosity-led thoughts always lead you to something new and exciting. An emotionally intelligent person knows what’s happing around him. keen observation and curious thoughts are what lead you to a good thought process and positive outcome.

There is never a lapse in concentration with emotionally intelligent people. they tend to note minor details in very common aspects of day-to-day life.

10. Apologetic Nature

An emotionally intelligent person not only understands others’ feelings but also knows what it takes to accept if he might have hurt someone. being apologetic is often conceived as a sign of weakness in our society but it takes strong nerves to apologize and make up for your mistakes.

your apology might save some relations or strengthen some. Being apologetic also means a person is self-aware and understands his doings and gives himself time for self-analysis and has the strong mental strength to accept where he is wrong however, It does mean downgrading yourself even when you are right.

11. Self Motivated

More often than not, humans need a push for something bigger and harder. An emotionally intelligent person knows what might take to achieve his goals. is you are emotionally intelligent and strong, you would be able to set yourself up for a bigger and better future.

you would keep yourself on track to achieve and you are your motivation. you push yourself to do better than before and that differentiates you from others.

12. Forget and Move one

One of the vital signs from 13 signs of high emotional intelligence is your ability to move on from your past. you don’t live in your past regardless of how good or bad it was. If you are emotionally strong you look up to your future.

what someone did to you or what you went through, you can forget and move on. Forgive, Forgetting, and Moving on are essential units of emotional strength.

13. Leadership

High emotional intelligence makes you a leader. You know what your friend, family member, or team member is going through. your best response is an indication of what is to come.

However, If you know how the person in front of you feels you can get his morale high. You and get the best out of him. All the signs above are contributing factors to becoming a leader.

Having sympathy for others, the ability to listen and accept criticism, being able to move on and self motivations make you a great leader. So being a good leader is an outcome rather than a sign of high emotional intelligence.

You can check the details in this video here as well.

Tips to improve your Emotional Intelligence

The followings are some tips to improve your social and emotional skills.

1. Listen

To understand the feelings of others, you must be able to listen to them patiently. patience is the key and keen observation of your surrounding will surely help you to process things faster. verbal and non-verbal listening both come under this. you could pay attention to someone’s speech or try to observe their body language.

2. Think

The ability to come up with some solution comes when you start thinking critically. A strong mind is developed when you control your thoughts. try to ponder and observe your surrounding you will get better at your emotions

3. Implement

What the other person is going through is very important to understand to develop yourself emotionally. one very important tip to improve yourself emotionally and mentally is to try to put yourself in their position. that is the best way to understand someone’s feelings and will help you to respond in the best possible way.

4. Diet

If you are struggling to keep up with your mental health. you might also need to improve your diet. Diet and mental health are related and putting good and healthy foods on your plate could help you to balance your hormones and feel with daily happenings in a better way.

The Bottom Line

Where high emotional intelligence play important role in building one’s character it also builds up High self-esteem. A person might not have all the signs but having a majority of them sets us up for something Great. Though emotional intelligence comes with maturity and exposure still putting in some effort to be more emotionally strong can yield good results.  

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